Soch IOT


We understand that the future of our society is greatly intertwined with technology and how we make the best use of it. And we don’t want the common man to be left out.
It is with this mission in mind, we create products with IoT technology, that cater to a large audience ranging from a rural farmer, to the urban tech consumer, to even different kinds of businesses.
We not only want to make technology common place for the Indian consumer, but also want to make it affordable so that nobody feels left out.


  • No rewiring
  • Control from anywhere
  • Energy savings
  • Scheduling appliances
  • Offline control
  • Voice control
  • IOT technology
  • Affordable cost
  • 24×7 service and support
  • Environmental friendly and proudly make in India

Basics features of any Home Automation Product:

  •  Switching (ON/OFF)
  •  Scheduling
  •  Scene control
  • Workflows
  • Security, video surveillance
  • Control from anywhere.

Additional feature in SOCHIOT Products

  •  Proudly Make In India 
  • Power Measurement
  • Temperature sensor
  •  Humidity sensor
  • Light –motion sensor
  • DUST Sensor( Coming Soon)
  • Gas Sensor (Coming Soon)