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The world is complex enough, your home shouldn’t be. We, at Sochiot, strive to rid you of all redundant tasks at your home and deliver a truly paradisiacal living experience. Started Sochiot with an aim to make smart homes accessible to every Indian household.

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Touch-Free Experience

With SochIoT, enjoy the convenience of operating your smart home without having to physically touch it. Operate from any nook and corner of your home. Enjoy the touch-free experience.

Human-Centric Lighting

SochIoT makes sure every appliance is beneficial and effective to people. Its human-centric lighting makes sure to create lighting that mimics the natural daylight which would drive your bodily functions. 

Extensive Compatibility

SochIoT appliances are highly compatible. They are accessible through various devices, whether it is your smartphone or any other device.

Durability & Ruggedness

All our appliances are durable and rugged in nature. After several tests to check the accuracy of the above statement, we then launch the appliances.


Our appliances ensure security. With a variety of inspections and examinations, we check the quality and safety assurance. Soch IoT guarantees security to you.

Simultaneous Manual & Automation System

The SochIoT appliances can be operated both automatically and manually, assuring greater comfort for you.

Audio/Video Integration

Our appliances ensure that anything you watch is enjoyed with maximum satisfaction. Excellent integration between audio and videos is commemorated in all our appliances.

Electricity Savings

SochIoT helps conserve energy to the maximum extent and therefore is beneficial not just to you, but to society as well.

Irrigation System

With an integrated irrigation system, sprinklers & water valves can be set to release water at regular intervals according to your preferences.



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