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From Consulting to Implementation

Intelligent Automation

In a world where even the most basic activities can have the most complicated processes, your time at home should be the most relaxing. Your home, in my opinion, should be devoid of all complexity and should feel like your own personal paradise. We at SochIot are attempting to do just that, providing you with a simple, blissful home life made possible by our cutting-edge IOT technology with years of hardwork and dedication.

We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

We, SOCHIOT Innovations are Bunch Of Dreamers from Delhi NCR and a group of R&D and System Integrators who come up with new ways to use gadgets and their patterns, and we are the company with the most original product lines. Years of research and development have gone into developing complicated yet simple, high-quality, and dependable technology, and we continue to do so.

SochIot enables seamless communication among the industrial-grade hardware and intelligent software, allowing our systems to have extensive computing capability that can handle a vast number of home appliances without you having to worry about power overloads. we believe in One Home One App concept.

About us

We are the engineers of this generation. Our workspace provides a collaborative and progressive environment, which is represented in our products, principles, and ethics. We’re continually working to improve the quality and durability of our end-user goods, which saves money for consumers. In our company, research and development is a never-ending process It’s the project’s foundation.
Our team creates a prototype of cutting-edge and one-of-a-kind items using a combination of hardware and software. We get the production/multiplication of this hardware done in a third-party factory in India after we get satisfactory regress testing and clearances. The majority of the components in our products are proudly ‘Made in India.’ After production, our team of engineers performs quality control and firmware updates, which are subsequently incorporated into people’s homes, mobile devices, and daily lives, making their homes and lives smarter.


We recognize that the future of our civilization is inextricably linked to technology and how we effectively utilize it.
We don’t want the average person to be left out. We build IoT devices with this aim in mind, and they cater to a wide range of audiences, from rural farmers to urban tech consumers, and even different types of businesses.

We want to make technology not only accessible to the Indian customer, but also affordable so that no one feels left out.

Our promise

SOCHIOT provide an automation experience that is intuitive, independent, and built to last, thanks to our industrial-grade hardware and artificial intelligence-based IOT solutions.


We strive to enable your house to run on its own with our intuitive automation technology, freeing you from everyday unnecessary duties and allowing you to live a simple, stress-free life.

How SOCHIOT Came into Existence:

We discovered in late 2016 that consumers frequently leave their electrical appliances turned on when they go for work. It happened to others of our family and friends as well, when the geyser & lights switched on as they were leaving for work. We became aware of the problems and wondered whether we might turn off the appliances from anywhere outside the home using our smartphones. It would address the problem while also saving a significant amount of money and environment.
Our goal was to control the home from a mobile device so that the user could live a more convenient and secure lifestyle while also saving money and as a result environment; however, the challenge was to convert existing items to smart because, first, it had to be affordable for our friends, and second, no one would replace all of the existing appliances with smart appliances. Our proofs of concept were complete in 2019, and we began automating the process.

Our Team

Shashank Dwivedi - Founder and Director
Shashank Dwivedi

Founder & Director

Harsh Goel - Co-Founder and CEO
Harsh Goel

Co Founder & CEO